Take the pain out of floorset mapping

Plan and map floorsets efficiently and effectively with Mapped, an iOS application made for modern visual communication teams.

A featureset derived from experience

With a design and development team rooted in retail we approached our features with a bottom up approach.

All of your store assets all-in-one place

Cloud storage ensures that your floorset builds are continually saved and accessible globally, whether you're online or offline.

Build accurate floorsets faster 
than ever before

A robust offering of tools designed to help execute your floorsets quickly and accurately.

No more playing telephone with 
your store teams

The built-in chat features enable rapid communication, reduce the need for travel, and improve resource allocation.

Take the subjectivity out of store planning

Make data-driven decisions that result in measurable business outcomes while reducing variance between stores.

Adapt to changing real-world conditions

Add utility assets to your store layouts with the click of a button.

Achieve growth, sustainably

Empower your teams to do more with less. Consolidate your visual communication process in an easy-to-use, sustainable way.

Stores using Mapped saw a 75% reduction in the amount of time VMs spent on floorset mapping.

Case study from an American lifestyle, clothing and accessories retailer

Saw results in:

30 days

Mapped customer for:

4 years

“The app allows our visual merchandisers to map floorsets in as little as 2 hours. It’s forever 
changed how our teams resource their time.”

Head of Visual Communication,

American lifestyle, clothing, and accessories retailer

Our Pilot Program

The Mapped pilot program is designed to onboard a limited number of your store teams. It gives us the opportunity to better understand the specific needs of your organization and gives your teams time to get acquainted with the future of floorset mapping.

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