How it Works

It's as easy as 1-2-3. We set out to make the mapping process easy for new hires and those less tech-savvy. With over 99% of users finding Mapped 'easy to use,' you can see why.

Step 01

Select your store

Select one of your company stores that you would like to begin mapping. Enhance your workflow by adding frequently mapped stores to a 'favorite' menu for quick recall when reopening the application. Track floorset builds with creation timestamps.

Step 02

Map your store

Drag, Drop, Rotate and Delete floorset images until your ideal floorset is complete. Mapping is now the fun part of the job.

Step 03

Share for approval

Share completed maps with your district or store manager with one tap. They'll be able to view, comment, and provide approvals remotely, saving time and travel while improving consistency between stores. Need limited views? No problem, Mapped can integrate with your SSO system for tiered map visibility.

What does it look like to get started get started?

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Step 01

Tell us a little about yourself. Your process your pain points and your plans for the future. The outcomes define how Mapped will support your visual teams.

Step 02

From image capture to map management there is always room for improvement. Let us show how Mapped supports and amends your current workflow.

Step 03

The Mapped team will work with the VC leads to upload images and assets for in-store teams to utilize.

Step 04
In Store Tests

It's time for your pilot stores to begin testing Mapped. This is a sandbox play period to relay associate thoughts back to stakeholders.


Got questions? We have answers.

How long does it take to train a new store employee on Mapped?

99% of in store associates found mapped to be self explanatory and with no need for guided learning with an up and running time of less than 15 minutes.

What type of hardware does Mapped support?

In-store, Mapped runs natively on iPad. Our admin panel can be accessed on both PC and Mac.

Will Mapped be able to support a company over over 1000 stores.

Yes, Mapped is built to support store counts of any size. We do recommend you have at least 20 stores in your company before incorporating the Mapped application,

Does Mapped work offline.

Yes, Mapped will continue to work offline until the device is able to re-access WiFi.

Our Pilot Program

The Mapped pilot program is designed to onboard a limited number of your store teams. It gives us the opportunity to better understand the specific needs of your organization and gives your teams time to get acquainted with the future of floorset mapping.

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